Fabulous Autumn: the wheel turns…

My God, I do love Autumn!!

It doesn’t have the joyous promise of spring or the lazy hedonism of summer, but it does put on a marvellous display of both colour and bounty. The pics in this post are of a Japanese Acer – probably my favourite tree in the whole garden. At this time of year, its leaves turn golden and are often tipped with a deep rust red. Then they fall to earth and cover the ground in a multitude of little stars.

I don’t know about you, but for me Autumn brings with it an almost primordial need to gather and store, to craft and create. We no longer need to preserve and hoard food to see us through the long dark winter, but somehow the instincts still survive. So what does that mean for this blog? Well, for a start, you can look forward to more wholesome recipes that you can cook from scratch. Now is the time to experiment with cooking and baking food that will warm both body and soul when the cold winds are trying to break down the doors and windows. With the coming dark evenings it is also a time to perhaps try a new craft or skill instead of staring mindlessly at the TV watching something you never really wanted to in the first place. How about making your own beeswax candles to bring a soft glow to your living room? Or preserving those autumn leaves to decorate cards or make pictures with? Those are just a few things I want to put up on here.

Also, I will continue to write the articles that have a bit more of a serious side – the science behind how we can make our lives just a little bit happier and simpler, as well as make ourselves happier. So please keep tuning in, or even consider subscribing to the newsletter in which you will also get a bit of what is going on behind the scenes at our little suburban oasis.


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